Post Grad Adventuring

Just about two months ago I graduated from college with a job lined up to start in September of this year. If you do that math on that you’ll see that I have about a 4.5 month summer vacation! While I’m partly sad about the prospect of being tied down by a job in the near future, I know it’s a blessing to have the chance to build the foundation for my future and make some money along the way. Plus, you need money to travel anyways…

Last year, I met a really tall and skinny guy named Michael. (I can refer to him this way because he insists on repeatedly calling me a meatball.) Turns out, he likes to travel just as much as I do, and we decided to do the dating thing. About a year later and we’ve gone on more adventures than I would have ever imagined. While I haven’t kept up with my blog since my travels in Europe last year, MJ has consistently documented our time together since last summer. You can check that out here. You’re welcome for the shameless plug, Meej, I hope you get some new followers! In short, we’ve covered Columbia and Baltimore countless times, as well as our hometowns of Central NJ and Fredericksburg, VA; Atlanta, New York City, Montreal, Congaree and Shenandoah National Parks (SC&VA), Savannah and Pittsburgh. I was also able to visit my Canadian travel buddies Jenna and Tay in Halifax, Nova Scotia over my spring break! It’s been a busy year so far, but I’ve loved discovering these places, some new and some familiar, with people who enjoy exploring as much as I do.

Next Tuesday, June 30, Michael and I are catching a plane to Denver, CO. We have an incredible 2 week adventure planned which will cover cities in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah, including Rocky Mountain NP, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP, Glacier NP and Waterton Lakes NP in Alberta, Canada (hey Jenna!). I know that was a mouthful. The 14 days are completely jam packed, and I know we will have flaws in our elaborate plan to do it all, but I cannot wait to get back out on my feet. We will be camping out in the National Parks, which is something I have never done before and will certainly prove to be an interesting experience. I hope and plan to blog along the way and am becoming more and more excited for our 5:00am flight out of Newark next week. (Yikes, American Airlines!) See ya out West!

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