Last stop: The Blue Lagoon

Welp! It is my last night in the beautiful country of Iceland. So I will recap my last day! This morning our group headed to one of the 25 wonders of the world (according to Nat Geo), The Blue Lagoon! I had heard things about this place over my lifetime but wasn’t really sure what to expect. The weather today was actually decently crappy with wind and rain, but I honestly would not have traded any of the other gorgeous weather days we had this week. Besides, it was kind of cool to be in the warm water with your face/head cold it was like a hot tub! Anyways, driving up the road to the entrance I began to see small pools of the iridescent, glowing blue water contrasted with the black rock and basically lost it with excitement. It was unbelievably pretty and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We walked the rocky pathway into the entrance and made our way into the depths of the spa. The locker room was so modern and lit with dark black grey and shades of blue. Everyone has to shower before getting in the water and apparently the silica in the water can ruin your hair so we conditioned it like crazy before going in! We wandered out to the lagoon and were greeting by ripping cold winds so we sprinted to take a picture and then jumped right in! (Well more like waded in because we couldn’t get our hair wet/make a scene) the steam was rising and creating a mist around the lagoon of bright blue water and it was just a sight that words cannot do justice to describe. We explored the different little coves and areas of the lagoon, found the silica mud and rubbed it all over our faces, risked my little camera to take pictures, drank smoothies, put more mud on my face,  ran in and out of the cold, went in the steam room, got an anti aging algae mask for our faces, laughed, smiled like goons, and had the greatest time.. And more silica mud. It was just a hugely fun experience, completely meant to be a total tourist attraction, but completely worth it. Julie and I raved at just how blatantly content we were as we showered and left the steamy spa area. We did some roaming in the gift shop but decided to call it a day and retreat to the bus to head home. 

We stopped at a local burger joint for lunch and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten faster. (We spent like 3 1/2 hours in the lagoon!). Once we got back to Reykjavik we all passed out for a few hours, our exhaustion is catching up to us! We woke up and got ready for our farewell dinner this evening. We had a delicious meal at a nice restaurant downtown and shared some last great conversation with my favorite Icelandic native, Edda. I AM SO SAD TO LEAVE HER! I want to bring her back to NJ and keep her and her little adorable 1 year old baby haha. We had some great food and did a little wrap up for the trip. There was a photo contest and Julie and I won the “people in Iceland” picture category, woooooohoooo! 
We are now spending our last hours in a cafe, drinking hot chocolate, my eyes are burning with sleep, but I am so happy. Although it is sad to leave this indescribably incredible island, I do not regret a single moment I have spent here. I am so proud that Julie and I made so much of our short trip and accomplished so many great things. I am truly living my dream of traveling the world, and I never thought that Iceland would be on my list of accomplishments. I would truly honestly recommend this place to anyone who wants the ultimate nature and beauty experience; I have seen things that I never even thought could possibly exist. Tomorrow we will be on a flight to Boston, and I will officially start my summer at home on the beach in Spring Lake! I am so excited to move forward with the future and everything I will be able to do in the next year, but the memories will always be with me of this beautiful country of Iceland. ImageImageImageImage

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