The bluest ocean in the world

Today was spent on a bus tour of the western coast of Iceland called the Snaefellness Peninsula and it surely did not disappoint. A good portion of the beginning of the bus ride was along a  winding, hilly path and I felt like I was on a roller coaster (made me think of my baby brother Cam who used to get so car sick!! Hahaha). It was great because the road was right next to the water so I got to stare at the BEAUTIFUL blue ocean all day. Our first stop was on a cliff side called Hvalfjordur where there used to be a US military base. There isn’t much left of it today, but the sight was still stunning! We stood along the edge of the cliff and just took in the deep blue surrounding us at every angle. We got back on the bus and traveled further north, passing through several adorable little towns along the way. All of the homes have colorful roofs and they really stand out wonderfully against the landscape. 

We arrived in the Opinn Skogur forest and made a stop for a picnic lunch! Picture 2 wooden tables among mini Christmas trees and mountains… That’s it. Pretty awesome. We enjoyed some picnic style lunches and then continued the trek to Arnarstarpi… Which easily placed itself in my top 3 favorite sites so far. We hiked to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean and were greeted by numerous rock formations along the cliffs in the water. There was so much deep blue, green, and white between the rocks, ocean, and mountains that I couldn’t believe my eyes. The rock formations had various holes in them and the waves were crashing along the edges; it was definitely out of a postcard. Looking down the coastline it was endless rocks and cliffs with the sun glinting off the ocean. I wish I had better adjectives to describe it! Words, and even pictures, really cannot do it justice. We braved fierce winds to take as many good pictures as we could and were so sad to leave a short time later. 
We continued along the highway (a one lane road that is) and made it to another rock formation cliff area that was completely backdropped by a glacier called Snaefellsjokul. The mountain was marvelous. It was so picturesque and a perfect combination with the bright blue ocean. Julie and I were interrogating Edda (a daily occurrence) about her adventures at the peninsula and she told us that in order to ski on the mountain you have to take snow mobiles up to the top and then ski down and repeat the process. She said that since it is a glacier it is a more icy trail rather than snowy, and that there are often wide cracks in the ice that you have to be sure to avoid! Some people jump the cracks with snowmobiles. UNREAL. Icelandic people are so adventurous!! I was sad to leave here as well, it was so calming and relaxing to lay in the soft green moss with such a breath taking view. 
Our last stop was at a lava field (Icelandic people say “lawa” field with their accents it’s precious) along the road. For some reason it reminded me of Jurassic Park; the land formation was so prehistoric looking and it’s amazing to think that the entire spread of land was created from molten lava. There was also a gorgeous waterfall here; it was a perfect last stop to the day. 
We drove the 2 hours back to Reykjavik and were back in the hostel around 8pm. A very long, but worth it, day! I’ve particularly enjoyed just sightseeing from the bus along the countryside; there are so many obscure waterfalls,trails, and hidden beauties along the landscape. I have seen something new and beautiful every day! Julie and I were starved when we got back so we grabbed some dinner and I think I am now in a food coma. This trip is exhausting and I will probably sleep for 72 hours when I get home but, for now, POWERING THROUGH. You can sleep when you’re dead right? Or at least when you’re not in Iceland. We’re finishing up the night in a cafe, there may or may not be a Nutella and strawberry crepe in my near future! Until tomorrow, nighty night!!! Xoxo

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