Historic Iceland

Greetings from Reykjavik! We are now at then end of another great day. We stayed along the outskirts of the city all day and dove into some of the ancient culture of the city. Our first stop was at a museum close to the center of the city, The Culture House, and it was full of ancient artifacts and tales from the Vikings; a great comprehensive history lesson on the past of Reykjavik. We took a break for lunch and then trekked across the city to the larger museum, The National Museum of Iceland. This place was awesome. It had 3 floors of incredible artifacts and information on every aspect of the history of the island. We saw Viking swords, ancient jewelry, artwork… Pretty much anything you can think of. I was really happy to learn about the country’s past because, lets be honest, who knows much of anything about Iceland?!  But I am here for school, it’s sometimes easy to forget that 🙂

After the museums, we walked to the University of Iceland campus. We actually had a meeting with a faculty member and two students who told us all about the school and we had a long group discussion about the differences with schools in the US. Europe does things SO differently, it really got me excited to know I am coming back to Europe next spring for a full semester (they do things better in my opinion)! We then walked around campus in and out of some buildings and got to see what life is like for the students. Also– they have a student bar on campus. It seemed like such a fun place for students to gather on campus and hang out; if only! We checked out the bookstore and I’m pretty sure us Americans cleaned out the t-shirt section haha. It was fun to see a lot of people my age and get a small taste for how different their lives are from my  own. 
On the walk back to the hostel Julie and I spent some time talking to our favorite Icelander, Edda, and learned more about the traditional Icelandic holidays and celebrations. She is just so sweet and loving, I am going to be so sad to say goodbye!! We enjoyed some dinner and dessert and are turning in for the night, we have a full day of nature adventuring tomorrow on the western coast! 
PS – we officially booked our excursion for ours free day on Saturday; Julie and I, plus two other friends Alec and Tori, are going on a combo trip of ATVing and snorkeling between the continental plates. Words cannot express my excitement!!!!!! This. Place. Is. Awesome. ImageImageImageImageImage

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