Together in service

Today was a more low key day spent in Reykjavik. Our big group split several ways to each go to various organizations and spend time volunteering which was right up my alley! Our Icelandic advisor, Edda (correct spelling haha) actually asked for Julie and me to go to a soup kitchen that she has spent much of her own time serving. We later learned that the soup kitchen is part of a bigger organization that was founded by Edda’s grandfather, so doing service there was very near and dear to her heart. It was personally interesting to see an Icelandic soup kitchen because I have spent so much time at one in Columbia this year. In comparison they are extremely different but it was still really interesting to meet some locals and see how the system works. 

After leaving the soup kitchen, Julie and I grabbed some late lunch and had a relaxing happy hour. We met up with our group for dinner and reflection and now we have the night to ourselves! I’m pretty tired at the moment so it’ll be nice to have a quiet night before tomorrow. We have a long day on the Southern coast!! I can’t wait to see more of the beauty on the island outside of the city. Ta ta for now!
Side note- I am obsessed with Edda!!! She has such a fantastic and interesting life story and I am so happy to have the chance to get to know her on this trip. She is such a sweet heart and I couldn’t ask for a better connection to a local here! Image

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