The road less traveled

Day three in Iceland did not disappoint! Like yesterday, we were up and at breakfast by 8:30 and on the bus by 9:00 for a tour of the Golden Circle of Iceland. The tour consisted of stops at a national park where the Eurasia and North American plates meet, at the Gullfoss waterfall, and at a famous Geysir.  Luckily, it was a beautiful day with blue skies and a crisp breeze. 

The first stop, at the separation of the plates, was easily a view suitable for a postcard. I’ve said it already, but my words truly cannot do justice to the beauty of the landscape we got to see today. We took a long walk through the wide plate crack, which continues to separate 2 centimeters per year. At the end, it overlooked a lake with a backdrop of gorgeous mountains and trees. Honestly breathtaking. I am completely in my picture taking prime in this country! Next we stopped at the Gullfoss waterfall, a large preserve with an extremely powerful force of nature. We were able to have a great view here as well and I was continuously fascinated by the extent of the natural beauty here. We grabbed lunch at a cafe near the waterfall and then headed to the Geysir. My hands almost froze off sitting with my camera poised to capture the eruption that goes off every 7 minutes but I got an amazing shot! The whole geothermal thing going on here is really impressive, 1/4th of the country consists of active volcanic area and it causes all of the hot springs and geyser activity. After leaving that site, we actually toured one of the geothermal plants in the area and got to learn a little about how the Icelandic people use the underground heat to create energy used on a daily basis for heat and electricity. This bus tour was really interesting and I was so satisfied with our first out of city experience. I am absolutely loving talking to all of the people, both locals and travelers, who are so educated and interesting. It’s such an eye opening experience to be somewhere so unique and fulfilling. Our Icelandic trip advisor, Etta (hope that’s spelled right!) is particularly interesting, she has lived such an incredible life growing up on an island in southern Iceland and has famous Viking ancestors! I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to know her so far. 
We got back to Reykjavik and Julie and I grabbed some late lunch at a cafe and just took some time to relax in a warm and cozy place. Since it was still really nice out at 7ish we decided to take a walk down to the water/harbor area and actually saw a rainbow! Such a little piece of magic 🙂 We walked along the water for a while and ended up at a little hidden area of rocks right in front of where the sun was slowly beginning to setWe laugh because it is actually broad daylight at 10:00 at night. A sunset surrounded by mountains and over the ocean … There was no way I could have been happier. We always joke about doing silly couple-ish things but this was seriously one of the cutest things ever haha we were just so happy and in awe of the natural beauty where we were sitting. We topped off the great tonight with some crepes and are now getting ready to grab some much needed sleep. 
It’s so corny for me to keep gushing about this island but I am sincerely moved by this place. I’m taking every moment I can to just sit back and take in my surroundings because it is just so pure and natural compared to anything I’ve ever seen at home. It is really a cleansing experience. I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity and to meet the people I’ve met in this short time already. Life is great! Cheers!

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