So it begins…

The one and only thing I was absolutely certain about after coming to college was that I wanted to travel the world as much as I possibly can in my lifetime. Looking ahead to this summer and to my Junior year of college, I am about to be exposed to an incredible amount of opportunities for traveling.

I am leaving tomorrow to spend 12 days in Iceland with a Maymester study abroad program at USC and cannot express my excitement, especially since the end of the year has been super hectic. I am also spending next spring semester (Januaryish-Mayish) overseas for a semester long study abroad program for my International Business major (location TBD but I will know by August!). Since I will be embarking on all of these incredible and unforgettable journeys in the near future, I want to document them for my personal memory and to share with all of my family and friends. So tomorrow it begins: the voyage to Reykjavik, Iceland!!

I am fortunate enough to be spending my Iceland trip with a future roommate and one of my closest friends, Julie. We haven’t really let it hit us yet that we will be on a red eye flight at this time tomorrow and getting into the mysterious Icelandic territory by early morning. We will spend the next 12 days exploring the ins and outs of a rare and beautiful country! I will be sure to write updates as I go along 🙂 See you on the other side!

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